Staray’s design team has the experience to approach your project in an optimized way. Our focus on a project is to come up with objective oriented solutions based on common and best practices through the experiences from previous project execution. Staray promotes open communication with other team members, vendors, customers, and construction contractors to assure project success. Staray understand that the design phase of a project offers the best opportunity to assess business, commercial, and technical risks; and to improve return on investment. Staray, therefore, always align each project's function, scope, cost, and schedule with client objectives to optimize project success.
Staray perform design in organized steps:

           - Establish and confirm the objectives and design basis
           - Establish CTR for each targeted task
           - Establish Project Management and Control Plans and Procedures
           - Establish schedule with WBS, critical path, and floating period
           - Perform design, review, and issue deliverables in line with the planned schedule
           - Always keep flexibility with customers to accommodate variations