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Offshore Oil&Gas, LNG

project environ

Deepwater subsea manifold study, design, proto equipment fabrication, and above/underwater testing.
(This is one of the Chinese National Major Research Projects in the 12th Five-Year Plan)

StatusQ ?  Completed

Location:   Beijing, China

ClientQ  ?CNOOC Research Center

PartnerQ? Neptune Offshore Engineering Development Co., Ltd.

Objective: Perform survey and study, then design, construct, and carry out above water/under water test of a proto subsea production manifold, which can be actually installed in 1500 m water depth to operate as designed.

Work Description:
Perform survey and study of the subsea manifolds in operation worldwide, and summarize the technical merits and challenges.
Select the manifold type and connecting method to wells.
Optimize process scheme, perform flow assurance study, and calculate chemical injection dosage,
Select materials and corrosion protection method.
Analyze feasibility of Manifold parts localization.
Perform detail design.
Fabricate the proto Manifold based on the design.
Perform onshore functional test with ROV.
Simulate underwater functional test with ROV.