Procurement Support

Engineering Engineering

Staray's offer comprehensive procurement services with responsibilities for:
? Global Sourcing Strategies
? Procurement & Subcontracting Procedures
? Vendor/Subcontractor Qualifications & Surveys
? Requests for Proposal/Bid Evaluations
? Vendor Shop Inspection and Coordination
? Office & In-Shop Expediting
? Load-out/Transportation Coordination
? Job Site/Field Material Reception Inspection

Staray's procurement service philosophy is built upon open and consistent communication with all parties involved with the purchases. Staray coordinates the engineering/design team with the vendor closely to ensure that all communication regarding the purchase and delivery of vendor documentation and equipment is done in a timely manner and in accordance with the project schedule. Staray believes in integrating the vendor and subcontractors into the project team and leveraging their assets to contribute to the success of any project.