Creative Concepts

At Staray, high-tech, pioneering work is always encouraged and valued. The best ideas come from the best and brightest professionals working at their highest level, constantly exploring, innovating, and developing. Staray values hard work and original contributions. We link the creative concepts directly to our future. The creative concepts always provide optimized engineering delivery to our customers.

Team Stability

We attract experts in their field. Staray value the fact that most professionals put their career development above all other reasons, and is committed to offer such opportunity for our people through regular work training, cross disciplinary training, and research opportunity. Staray is dedicated to have a stable engineering team to maximize the continuity when serving our customers.

Engineering Tools

Staray has set-up a comprehensive systematic engineering and design tool box for the engineering and design works. The tool box provides pools of information of codes and standards, typical specifications and data sheets, calculation templates, vendor catalog information, special study papers and articles, engineering software, etc. The tool box greatly enhances the efficiency and Staray has been able to transfer the resulted cost saving to our customers.