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Energy Effiiciency

Staray links its future directly with its innovative concept development. We set-up research and development group to collect, carefully screen and select, and establish time lines for the high potential targets. Staray currently focus our research and development effort in the following areas:

?Energy Conservation
?Offshore LNG
?LNG Application Infrastructure
?Marginal Oil & Gas Field Development
An example: Isothermal and Regulated Air Jacket for LNG storage tank in LNG vessels
Proprietary Technology Development --Device and method for cold insulation in the cryogenic containment in the vessels
Utilize the isotherm air flowing in the jacket of LNG tank insulation to reduce the BOG rate as well as to effectively detect small gas leak and trigger alarm.



Publish No. Q?        CN 101634396A (Pending)
Publish DateQ        ?2010/1/27